Hall Acoustics

I am please to announce the installation of acoustic panels and blackout curtaining.

Great Hormead Village Hall was grateful to receive grant funding from Stansted Trust Fund for the cost  of Black out curtaining and acoustic panels. The new hall has now been in operation for two years and ongoing completion works are still taking place. It soon became apparent that acoustics were bad with too many hard surfaces, which spoilt the enjoyment of any music, speeches  etc. With regular film nights planned for the winter months. fire resistant black out curtains were also required. With the generous grant of  £2,790.72  we have now been able to achieve both essential items, which will benefit all users of our hall.

Our old Chairman Dave Basely fitted the panels last week, our thanks to him.

These panels can be painted, so at some point we will be doing that to make them blend in.


Matthew Reeves-Hairs (Chairman – Hormead Village Hall Management Committee)